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Our business model is clearly set-out from the outset, beginning with our One-on-One consultation in an informal setting. At this point we will discuss the background of Hong Kong Realty Ltd and its people. There will be an overview of the Hong Kong Market and the areas we typically target, giving you an insight into the fundamentals we look for at HKR. We also stipulate what we expect from our clients and what they should expect from us as experts.
We will walk you through the financials (including fees and charges) and the transaction process through to Design and Renovation, Lettings and Management and finally Exit Strategy and how you can maximize your Investment Unit. Our direct approach eliminates hidden costs or unexpected situations further down the line.
Depending on availability of our properties - at this point we will take our clients on-site to visit our live Investment Properties. Or show you our case studies.
We now put the wheels in motion and dedicate our time to your Investment Search.
What do we typically look for?

    •    Mature Buildings (usually 20-25 year old buildings)
    •    High efficiency (gross over net square footage)
    •    Highly accessible
    •    Basic condition with excellent scope for renovation
    •    Structurally capable of modifications
    •    Highly appealing to new arrivals to Hong Kong
    •    Capital & Rental Return
    •    No restrictive encumbrances attached to the unit
    •    No upcoming building works which may affect rental capability

Remember – units are chosen because of their investment potential!

(see our case study: Kam Ho Mansion)

(see our case study: Hongway Garden)

(see our case study: Jing Tai Garden Mansion)

Hong Kong Realty specializes in Hong Kong Property and is a standalone brokerage in itself as well as having an extensive reach and long standing relationships with other agencies. These two fundamentals prove that we live up to our pledge of being “Proactive Not Reactive”!
Once a unit has been chosen, we will strive to negotiate the best possible deal on your behalf bearing in mind the end goal of maximizing the property’s investment potential and “locking in value”.
Refer to Sales Process for more information

Design & Renovation
After the signing of the Provisional Agreement, our designers will graphically illustrate specifically chosen designs based on our experience and the space and budget for our client to approve. We are flexible with our designs and materials, mainly so the client can be involved as much as they want to be. This can be clearly illustrated in the choosing of materials as some of our clients like to be involved in this stage and others understand we know what works.
For more information on the costs and timeframes involved, call for a consultation.
Lettings & Management (Refer to Investment/ Buy-to -let Service)

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