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Relocation Services

We understand that many factors go into finding the perfect living environment for you; this may involve single person or family considerations covering anything from proximity to the never ending social scene in Hong Kong to proximity to international schools. Based on the cross-section of staff at Hong Kong Realty, brought together from a diverse range of backgrounds through to our in-house training, our team is well equipped at dealing with expectations and educating new residents to Hong Kong. 

From the outset try to maintain a degree of flexibility, as Hong Kong really is a different prospect altogether when compared to other financial centres or major destinations. Accomodation tends to be smaller/ less efficient and more expensive with limited renovated stock on the market. Let us provide you with the solutions!

There are a diverse range of areas in Hong Kong each with their own signature traits. Click on our “Welcome to Hong Kong” section for an overview of the fundamentals.

For more in-depth areas such as insurance/ financial services, interior design, immigration and visas and so on, we also have the ability to help. Contact us directly for more information. Just ask!

Our services include:

•    Multi-national team

•    Long-term rentals

•    Serviced apartments

•    On-site visits

•    Orientation services (introduction to banks, schools, insurance institutions)

•    Joint pre-move assistance with HR departments


Considerations when renting a flat in Hong Kong:

Budget – consider how much you can afford to pay but try to be flexible on this.

Area – do you need to be close to your place of work? Most people do not own a car in Hong Kong but public transportation is one of the best in the world and Hong Kong is relatively small, so this consideration will not be as important as other major cities. Traditionally, Mid-Levels, Central, Southside and The Peak have been the most popular and with this - most expensive locations. Other high-end areas can be found in Tsim Sha Tsui and Kowloon Tong.

Type – most people in Hong Kong live in high-rise apartment blocks. The norm is for apartments to come unfurnished but through negotiations some furniture can be provided and some furnished apartments can be found. Standalone houses are more commonly found in the New Territories and Outlying Islands.

Size and Space – this will of course be dependent on family and budget considerations.

Outside space – these features come with a high premium in Hong Kong, but if you are flexible with your budget, Home Kong Realty have been renowned for finding gems in this regard.

Close to schools and public services – will children be going to international schools? This can be one of the most difficult considerations before people arrive. There is fierce competition in Hong Kong but we can provide information to ease the stress.

Facilities/ Car parking space – the newer buildings do tend to come with some facilities and car parking facilities can sometimes be provided with the bigger units.

Pets – not all apartment buildings allow pets, check with us/ landlord before signing the Tenancy Agreement.

Insurance – the landlord will insure the apartment itself but tenants are recommended to take out contents insurance in case of fire, theft, typhoons, burst water pipes and so on.

Happy flat hunting with Hong Kong Realty Ltd!

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