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Renovation Services

Interior Design and Renovation

Rebuilding an apartment will increase its rental value by approximately 30%. With years of experience, we know what is needed to get a high rental return. We know what tenants are looking for!
Hong Kong Realty Limited can also customized built-in furniture and other fixtures to suit our client's needs - give them a photo/ idea and they can build it. With 2 different designers in the company, they will have no problem creating a dream home for you.

One of the most crucial elements in the renovation process is punctuality.  Hong Kong Realty Limted prides itself on finishimg works on time.  They will work around the clock to complete the project on or before the due date.

Another important aspect is to complete the job with quality. We will ask the client to visit the site at least once a week to examine the work.  Comments, opinions and suggestions from clients are crucial in maintaining a good understanding and a mutual understanding between all parties on what can be accomplished.


Air Con and AC repair and maintainence services available.  Please Call. 93298656

Please contact enquiry@hongkongrealty.com.hk for a free quotation and design.  Or Call 93298656


Click here for our Portfolio  (updated MAY 25, 2015)


Hongway Garden Pre-renovation and Renovation photos


Hongway Garden Renovation Completed Photos:



1) How long does a renovation project usually take to complete?

It really depends on the size of the apartment and amount of work to be done. If it's a buy-to-let unit, generally speaking the unit will be 500-600 sq ft, so will take approximately 6-8 weeks to complete and this is being conservative. However, our Jing Tai Mansion Garden project, which is for self-use purposes and is 861sqft (http://www.hongkongrealty.com.hk/58-project-jing-tai-garden.htm). Here we needed to demolish all the walls and do a complete make over. The time it took from start to finish was 2 months also, as our client needed to be in on a specific date, so basically what our clients want is what they get, within reason. The suppliers of the materials and fixtures are the main area that needs to be managed carefully -we have a trusted network which we have built-up over the years.

2) What if we are not satisfied with the finished product?

To ensure that the client is satisfied with the finished product, we will ask the client to examine the apartment once a week during the renovation period to go over the details and update them on what has been done. It is important for the client to understand what is done each week and to see the progress of the apartment.  Although, some clients take a hands-off approach as they know we have a lot of experience in providing a finished article, which is appealing to the rental market and we know what works. They will receive updates through photographs and material options throughout as it's a continually evolving process, so the client needs to be fully aware of what's going on.

3) Is renovation insurance included?

We will provide 3rd party liability and worker's insurance for any project over $700,000. For further information on Building's and Home Contents Insurance, please contact Mr Neil McCormick at Carey, Suen & Associates Ltd: neil.mccormick@careysuen.com

4) How do we choose the material?

Our team of contractors and designers will literally "go shopping" with you to Wan Chai or Mong Kok for the materials (tiles, wooden floors, etc). However, if a client is too busy with their own work, we will bring the samples to them during the meetings and let them choose it then. We are quite flexible with this approach as we know a lot of our clients are quite tied up with their own businesses or work.

5) Is it recommended to do a complete make over of the apartment?

This really depends on your needs and if it's for investment or a lifestyle purpose in the short-term. If it is an old apartment, it is suggested to redo the whole apartment, including drainage/plumbing, electric wiring and walls. This will ensure a longer lasting apartment, for both self use or investment use.  It is better to protect yourself and the apartment before something terrible happens to the old drainage system or pipes.

6) What if there is something wrong with the renovation after we move in?

We will usually give our clients 6 months grace period to fix up any negligence on our part.  We want to ensure our clients have a smile on their face and a safe home to live in over the long-term. Moreover, we want our clients to be 110% comfortable in recommending us to their friends/colleagues and family.

7) Is there a separate design fee or consultation fee?

No, the design fee is free of charge if the renovation is completed by our contractors. And there is no seperate consultation fee, which 99% of our clients are pleasantly surprised about as there is quite a lot of work that goes into the pre-renovation stage. At the end of the day, we work on a trust basis and we expect you to refer us to other people and tell your friends and family about us.  

8) Can you build/customize built-in furniture?

Yes we do, please visit https://www.dropbox.com/sh/851upsyz58laggb/Z_62fipkdy for some examples.  Or visit our Renovation Portfolio for more photos of our work.

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